Fact or Fiction?

Have you heard a rumor in the community and want to fact check it? If so, look no further! Post your questions here and we'll provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.

Have you heard a rumor in the community and want to fact check it? If so, look no further! Post your questions here and we'll provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.


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  • Regarding the abandoned Gas station on the corner of Parker and Mainstreet: Is there anything the Town can do to force redevelopment there? It's been empty so long!

    JanTruskolaski asked 2 months ago

    Hello, Jan. There is currently a project proposed for development at that location. You can find more information by visiting our Active Development Tour map at www.ParkerOnline.org/Development.

    -Andy Anderson, Communications Coordinator

  • How much of the tax sales and lodging tax if any was rebated to the Lazlo hotel and for how long ? 100% sales tax for 10 years etc? Thank you!

    Darla Douglas asked 6 months ago

    Hello, Darla. Below is a response to your question from the Town's Economic Development Division:

    "The Town has entered into an agreement with Mainstreet Pier, LLC (the owner of the Laszlo Hotel) that stipulates the Town will rebate (i.e. sales taxes must be payed in their entirety before any amount is rebated) 50% of sales and use taxes generated by the enterprise over a period of 5 years. The maximum amount of taxes eligible for rebate is $400,000. No lodging taxes are rebated as part of this agreement. Conservative estimates suggest the Town will collect in excess of $4 million dollars in combined taxes over the next 10 years from the hotel only, excluding the increased sales of surrounding businesses and services, a greater than 10:1 return on the incentive granted to build the hotel."

  • A while ago there used to be a right green arrow on Westbound Mainstreet to Northbound Jordan. Why was it removed?

    curtisc asked 7 months ago

    Hello, curtisc. Sorry for the delay in finding an answer to your question. Below is a response from our Traffic Division. --Andy Anderson, Communications Coordinator

    "Many years ago, we used to rest the signal there in the southbound to eastbound left turn, and had a westbound to northbound right turn arrow in conjunction with that. A while back (we don’t remember the exact date) we changed operation to a more traditional north/south thru rest.  With that change, the overlap arrow no longer was necessary to reinforce the right turn overlapping the left."

  • Are there plans for making 20 Mile road accessible to E-470?

    Doug asked 6 months ago

    Hello Doug. Thank you for your question. The Town is in the process of performing a feasibility analysis on a potential connection between 20 Mile Road and E-470. This connection will need to be vetted with and ultimately approved by the E-470 Highway Authority.  The Town and E-470 staff have just started conversations about this opportunity.  As more information becomes available, we would be happy to share with the public.

    Dannette Robberson, Assistant to the Town Administrator
  • Are there any plans to remedy the traffic problems at Pine Lane and Pine Dr at rush hour. This wasn't an issue until Aurora annexed Insperation Road and began building along that road. I have seen traffic backups up to a mile on Pine Lane. It must be difficult for residents living along that road to get in or out of there homes. I live just east of that area from Insperation Road and I'm concerned that emergency vehicles may have a problem getting to and from the hospital during the rush hour. I figure 60% of that Traffic is from that Aurora subdivision.

    Michael asked 7 months ago

    Hello, Michael. Thank you for sharing your question regarding the Pine Lane/Pine Drive intersection. This intersection is located in unincorporated Douglas County and not within the Town of Parker’s boundary. It is our understanding that Douglas County is looking at options for improvements. We recommend that you contact Douglas County for more specific and official information regarding their plans. 

    Andy Anderson
    Communications Coordinator

  • Parker is out of control with beige land! No infrastructure to support the thousands of people you shoved in! Parker, is just another extension of Denver. Bravo Town of Parker City Council, you have made a concrete City!! . Us rural folks cant even VOTE for you!! Stop, you've done enough damage. So unfair that the City gives 100s of hours of time too developers, all while we get 2 minutes of your time. Add another check box to your development process.

    Wanda asked 8 months ago

    Thank you for your feedback. Should you have a question, please let us know and we'd be happy to answer it. Have a nice day!

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director

  • Why does Parker ALLOW DANGEROUS TRAFFIC CONDITIONS at the charter schools? Motzenbocker Road and Twenty Mile Road become parking lot when school lets out. These are busy roads!! How are you going to resolve this? Please do not reply with a vague answer. What is your solution?

    terry asked 8 months ago

    Thank you for your question. The information below was provided by our Engineering and Public Works Department. 

    The Town is aware of the traffic congestion at both schools, in particular the Lincoln Meadows campus (on Twenty Mile Road), and share your concerns.  Unfortunately, the first few weeks of school are always the worst from a traffic perspective, however we expect things to improve in the coming weeks. Town staff (Engineering and Police) have held numerous meetings with the American Academy administrative staff to discuss the traffic issues over the past year. American Academy has implemented a new drop-off and pick-up system this school year that they believe will ease the congestion. We will be monitoring the traffic congestion in the coming weeks to determine if their new drop-off/pick-up system reduces the congestion. 

    The Town and American Academy staff will be meeting in October to review the fall semester traffic and determine if the system changes have made any improvements. If not, we will explore other options. American Academy has committed to explore as many options and implement improvements as necessary to ease the congestion. Please feel free to contact the Engineering/Public Works Department at 303.840.9546 if you have any questions.

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director

  • Does the city of Parker allow ADU's or accessory dwelling units?

    troy asked 8 months ago

    Thanks for your question! While ADU's are not permitted Town-wide, they are permitted in some Planned Development zone districts. To check a specific address, you can contact the Town's Community Development Department at 303.841.2332. 

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director 

  • Is it true that Parker gave WM,Lowe's,Home Depot and Target a 10 year not tax offer?

    Tattoogranny asked 8 months ago

    Thank you for your question. No, this statement is not accurate. Incentive agreements are always structured to be revenue positive for the Town — resulting in a net gain — as projects are required to generate sales tax revenue in order to have a portion rebated back to them. A majority of sales tax rebates approved under the Town’s current ordinances have been at rates of 50 percent or less. Once the duration of the rebate agreement is reached, or the maximum amount rebated, the Town then receives 100 percent of sales tax revenues generated for as long as that particular business remains in Parker.  The use of incentive programs has spurred business development within the Town of Parker, which likely would not have happened otherwise, resulting in continued sales tax revenue to support Town programs, services and amenities. 

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director 

  • Can we own Chickens in Parker? (HorseShoe ridge). No roasters and no more the 5.

    Erique asked 8 months ago

    Thank you for your question. The keeping of chickens would not be permitted in any residential neighborhood in the Town of Parker because the code requires that chickens and other fowl can’t be located closer than 200 feet to any neighboring home or business. The complete regulation can be found in the Parker Municipal Code under Section 13.04.190

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director

  • There was a gentleman at the Fieldhouse today collecting signatures for the petition re: Pine Curve development. When my husband and I declined to sign, he wanted to know why. We talked briefly and I finally told him that I choose to believe the town. That I believe PACE will continue to have at least the amount of parking currently there. But as I read through some of the material here, it seems that while there are assurances that the parking will be at least maintained if not added to, it seems like there's some fuzziness on the legal details. I continue to hope PACE will remain the fabulous asset that it is and will be respected and honored for our town.

    BettieF asked 9 months ago

    Thank you for your question.  We apologize that there is still some fuzziness regarding the PACE parking.  We have just updated our Fact or Fiction to provide more clarity.

    If PACE Lot 2 is rezoned to open space are there any impacts to the PACE Center parking lot?

    Yes.  The proposed Citizens’ Initiative to rezone PACE Lot 2 as open space will adversely affect the existing parking lot for the PACE Center. PACE Lot 2 provides parking for the PACE Center which is located on PACE Lot 1.  The current commercial zoning for PACE Lot 2 allows this lot to be used for parking that is generated by the PACE Center.  The Town’s Open Space District does not allow land located in this district to be used as parking for a commercial use.  If the commercial zoning for PACE Lot 2 is changed to Open Space District as a result of the initiative, PACE Lot 2 can no longer be used to provide parking for the PACE Center.

    What Happens to PACE Lot 2 if it is developed or is rezoned open space cheat sheet. 

    Why is the parking in front of PACE all included in the sale of PACE Lot 2? *NEW*

    The PACE Center site is divided into two lots.  PACE Lot 1 includes the PACE Center building on the lot. PACE Lot 2 is made up of the large parking lot, vacant land and PACE Center signage.  The two lots are separated by Pikes Peak Avenue. The two lots were divided so the bonds that were issued to build the PACE Center stayed with the building, not with the parking lot and vacant land.  Any proposed rezoning of PACE Lot 2 requires that the entire lot be rezoned, not just one portion of the lot. The approved language of the proposed ballot question submitted for petitioning by the citizen’s initiative was written to include all of PACE Lot 2.  Since this language has already been approved, it can’t be changed at this time without pulling the initial question, rewriting the question and restarting the petitioning process.

    When the Town listed PACE Lot 2 for sale, the entire lot was included in the listing, as the lot can be reconfigured from its current layout to accommodate new development.  The new development will have to follow the Town regulations for parking and accommodate the new development and the PACE Center. Regardless of what future development may be approved for PACE Lot 2, the number of current parking spaces would be retained, and in all likelihood, increased – whether through surface parking or a potential parking garage. 

    Does the parking lot for the PACE Center go away when PACE Lot 2 is developed?

    No.  If a development proposal affects the parking lot, the Town will require that the current number of parking spaces be maintained even if they are reconfigured or relocated.  It is important to remember that when the PACE Center was originally planned and designed, the existing parking lot was intended to support activity at the Center and future development on Lot 2 along Mainstreet to create a vibrant destination that anchors the east end of Mainstreet. However, final determination of the parking requirements will be evaluated at the time of site plan to insure that any development is meeting the downtown parking regulations. 

    Can you explain the conceptual site plans and associated parking provided on the conceptual site plans for PACE Lot 2? *NEW*

    The conceptual site plans that were developed as part of the My Mainstreet project in 2018 were designed to help the community visualize what the sites could potentially look like, as well as how their feedback was incorporated into the site plan.  These were not intended, nor approved, to be the final design for any of the sites.  Any development on the sites will have to meet all of the Town of Parker’s land development ordinances and go through the Town’s public development process. 

    As these plans were only conceptual in nature, the My Mainstreet project team’s goal was to demonstrate some different options for how the site can be reconfigured. The first concept shows a surface parking lot, while the second option includes a two-story parking structure with mixed-use buildings around the parking structure. Determining the final parking required for the site will be dependent on the types of uses being built and will be determined at the time of site plan.

    Each type of use has different parking requirements, based on the size of the use.  Residential, office, retail and restaurant all have different parking requirements, and until the Town has a proposal for building on the site, we cannot determine the exact amount of parking that will be required. Any new development on PACE Lot 2 will have to provide additional parking for the new development and accommodate the parking required for the PACE Center. The downtown parking regulations can be found in section 13.06.050 of the Town’s municipal code.

    If you have additional questions or would like to discuss further please contact Weldy Feazell – Redevelopment Manager at 303.805.3168 or weldy@p3parker.com

  • Is there a rebate/payment plan for homes that have high voltage power lines within their view?

    pwesterheid asked 9 months ago

    Thank you for your question. In incorporated Parker, property owners within 100 feet of the Pawnee-Daniels Park Transmission Project right of way are eligible for a one-time tree/landscaping grant. Qualified homeowners have been mailed information about this program directly. This program is funded by PSCO/Xcel, but is being overseen by the Town of Parker.

    You can read more about the Public Service Company of Colorado’s (PSCo/Xcel Energy) Pawnee-Daniels Park Transmission Project here: https://www.transmission.xcelenergy.com/Projects/Colorado/Pawnee-Daniels-Park-Project-(SB100).

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director

  • How do I begin a petition against the Tailgates outdoor stage?

    Stephanie Denise asked 9 months ago

    Thank you for your email, Stephanie. If you are experiencing an issue with the noise from Tailgate's outdoor stage, you can call the Parker Police Department's Community Services Division at 303.841.9800 to report your concern. Thank you!

    Elise Penington
    Communications Director

  • Why is tap water in Parker yellow? I have observed this in multiple places, north and south Parker. Is it because of chemicals? Is it harmful to drink?

    Carman asked 10 months ago

    Hello, Carman. Water service in the Parker area is provided by a few different special districts that are actually not affiliated with the Town of Parker. Depending on where you live, your water may be provided by either the Parker Water and Sanitation District, Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District or Stonegate Metropolitan District. If you contact your individual district, they would be able to provide you with more information on the issues you are currently experiencing. Hope this helps!


  • Is it true that the Unincorporated Area of Parker, west of Stonegat, is becoming Lone Tree in the future?

    NuovaVita asked 12 months ago

    Hi NuovaVita. Sorry for the delayed response. The Town is not aware of plans by Lone Tree to annex land near Stonegate in the near future, however that would be a question that would be better answered by the City of Lone Tree. Also, not sure if you are aware, but the entirety of the Stonegate residential development is itself located in unincorporated Douglas County and not in Parker's town boundary. 


  • What happened to the statue of the young girl that was on Mainstreet?

    krisw9456 asked 10 months ago

    Hi krisw9456. That sculpture that was on display in front of Parker Station is a privately owned piece of art. We're not entirely sure about the process since it was not a requirement to notify the Town, but it is assumed that the owner elected to remove it.


  • Motor Vehicle Use Tax Use tax on motor vehicles is due for any vehicle registered to a Town address on which a previous Town sales tax has not been paid. Both purchased and leased vehicles are subject to the Town's use tax. My friend is temporarily staying at my address. She recently bought a used car and we were unhappy to see a "Parker Use Tax" of $110.17 applied when she got her tags. Is this correct? The only thing we can find is copied above. It says it is applied when a Previous Town sales tax has not been paid. I have lived here for 14-15 years. Does that count as previously paid?

    Terri Mercer asked about 1 year ago

    Hello, Terri. Thank you for submitting your question. You are correct. The motor vehicle use tax is a one-time municipal tax assessed on all vehicles registered to a Town address. If Town of Parker sales tax was collected by a car dealership at time of purchase, then no additional “use” tax is due. If it was purchased privately, the municipal sales tax may not have been collected by the private seller. Each transfer of ownership is then a separate taxable event, so if you sell your current vehicle, the new owner will then have to pay sales or use tax.


  • There seems to be a lot of fast food in parker. Is there any plan to bring in more restaurants that are unique and not corporately owned and bad for you?

    Awillard asked about 1 year ago

    Economic Development staff and restauranteurs alike are constantly evaluating Parker for potential new eating establishments. Some of these are emerging quick-serve concepts (i.e. Smashburger, Modern Market) while others are more traditional sit-down establishments. As in any new business, the controlling factor is often economic,s and this is a particularly tough equation for restaurants given Parker’s limited daytime economy. Most restaurants require both lunch and dinner demand cycles in order to succeed. However, Parker’s continued commercial growth and increasing population density make the Town an ever increasing target for new restaurants.

  • How do we get Kinney Creek trail to connect to Cherry Creek Trail?

    dcm asked about 1 year ago

    The section of the Kinney Creek Trail is within the Pinery, which is in Unincorporated Douglas County and not the Town of Parker; however, we are working with the County to explore a future trail connection under Parker Road that could eventually connect this trail to the Cherry Creek Regional Trail. To learn more information regarding a timeline, please contact Douglas County Parks and Trails at parksandtrails@douglas.co.us.

  • Why are there 5 (?) water/sewer districts in Parker? Will they ever combine to make sure that water is protected for all in the future?

    dcm asked about 1 year ago

    Many of the local water and sanitation districts (Districts) existed before the Town of Parker incorporated in 1981. Most of the local Districts are participating in the South Metro Water Supply Authority (SMWSA) and the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) initiatives. These initiatives are a partnership between local and regional water suppliers (including Denver and Aurora) to provide water storage (i.e. Reuter Hess Reservoir) and renewable sources of water. For more information, please visit the following websites for information on how the Districts are taking the necessary actions to ensure a long-term reliable source of water for our residents:

    Parker Water and Sanitation District (www.pwsd.org)

    Stonegate Village Water and Sanitation District (www.svmd.org)

    Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District (www.cottonwoodwater.org)

  • Is it true that no matter how old you are. To run a business you must have a business license.

    7 asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. The Town of Parker municipal code defines engaged in business as “performing or providing services or selling, leasing, renting, delivering or installing tangible personal property for storage, use or consumption within the Town." The Town of Parker does not discriminate on the basis of age. Since we have limited compliance resources, we tend to focus our effort on appropriate compliance objectives. 

  • When will Hess Reservoir open for recreation? What needs to happen to make it happen?

    dcm asked about 1 year ago

    Hi dcm. Thank you for your question. Limited scheduled programming has been taking place at Rueter-Hess Reservoir over the past few years and will continue this summer. You can find more information about planned events and activities at http://www.RHRecreation.org.

    While some recreation activities are scheduled to take place there currently, the reservoir is not open to the general public due to lack of current infrastructure (i.e. roads, trails, restrooms, etc.). Parker Water & Sanitation District estimates that it may be several years before the funding is in place for the necessary infrastructure and on-site staffing required to accommodate the general public.

    The Town of Parker is just one member of the Rueter-Hess Recreation Authority along with several other area agencies (Town of Castle Rock, City of Castle Pines, City of Lone Tree, Douglas County, Parker Water & Sanitation). The Authority is working together to help fund the necessary future improvements, in addition to pursuing funding through grants, public-private partnerships, and revenue from programmed events.

  • When is Parker going to get a Whole Foods and Trader Joes. We definitely have a need and want for these establishments in our community.

    gypser asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question, gypser. We get this question a lot. Each privately owned business has its own set of criteria it uses to select the placement of locations. The general criteria categories are income levels, educational levels, density of population within a certain distance from the location and the amount of traffic around the location of interest. Typically, Parker meets/exceeds the criteria levels for income and education, but falls short on the density of population and traffic. According to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, their selection criteria generally places stores in areas with denser populations and higher traffic counts than what we currently have in Parker.

  • Why does the Town Council refuse to take responsibility for over development and annexation? They claim they are ONLY volunteers?? If so, as claimed, then who is responsible?

    ColoradoNative asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. When considering development, the Town Council must work in accordance with Parker's zoning regulations. The purpose of zoning is to regulate the use of land and the physical improvements to land located within the Town of Parker, without imposing undue burden on the land owner, as provided by state and federal law. All land within the Town of Parker’s incorporated limits is zoned for specific uses. Land owners have a legal right to develop their privately owned land, as long as the development meets the Town’s current zoning requirements. The Planning Commission, Town Council and staff work to ensure that new developments meet the Town’s vision for growth and development, design standards and building code requirements.

    The Town Council and Planning Commission do not have the authority to deny a commercial development on a property that is zoned commercial, or a residential development on land that is zoned residential, as long the project meets the Town’s standards and requirements. If a developer is requesting to rezone property, for example changing the zoning of a property to allow for commercial use instead of residential use, the Town Council can vote to deny the request to change the zoning if Town Council determines that the project does not meet the nine criteria set forth in the Municipal Code, including consistency with the Parker 2035 Master Plan.

    The Town Council can ensure that developers meet the Town’s zoning standards and require that they provide adequate infrastructure and amenities such as parks, trails, open space and landscaping buffers. Parker also works hard to ensure that developments are of a high quality and pay their fair share for improvements that mitigate impacts on the community, for instance, contributing to road enhancements or expansions.

    You can view the Town’s boundary map to see which developments are occurring in the Town of Parker, as many of the projects under construction are located on our Town borders in Lone Tree and unincorporated Douglas County. You can also view the Town’s Zoning Map to see how land in Parker is currently zoned.

  • Is Parker working to attract a moderately-sized (~50,000+ sqft) indoor meeting/multi-purpose facility that is primarily open floor space? Such a space is sorely lacking in the south metro area.

    huskyrally asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question! Town staff is not actively pursuing such a facility as the economics of this type of facility do not make Parker an attractive location at this point in time. We hope this information is helpful!

  • Will there be any plans to expand the road and include a stop sign or stop light at the intersection of Cottonwood and Apache Plume? Since the inception of the King Soopers, traffic has become out of control. Trying to exit Apache Plume is like playing Frogger. There was rumors it was to be last fall, but nothing has been spoken of since.

    JJ asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your inquiry. Pending approval of the 2020 budget, the current plan is to signalize the Cottonwood/Apache Plume intersection during the planned widening of Cottonwood Drive between Jordan Road and Cottonwood Way in 2020. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. 

  • I noticed there aren’t any streetlights on Lincoln like there are on main street between chambers and Parker, any chance we’ll get some? Also curious if there have been any plans to widen Lincoln to 3 lanes all the way from i25 to Parker? The narrowing to 2 lanes causes such congestion during rush hour!

    mollitas asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. While the Town of Parker's boundary ends at Lincoln Avenue and Keystone, the Town of Parker, City of Lone Tree and Douglas County are working together with a goal of widening Lincoln Avenue from Peoria to Parker Road to three (3) lanes in each direction in approximately the next five (5) years. Street lights will be considered with those widening projects. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • Earlier this year the Town of Parker (or someone) installed signs to things like the Parker Fieldhouse, EchoPark Stadium, etc. and suddenly a couple of weeks ago they were all removed? What happened?

    katieerick asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. Some of the recently-installed wayfinding signs throughout the Town of Parker have been removed as their foundations were not set properly. The foundations will be fixed and the signs will be reinstalled at the contractor’s expense. It is expected the signs will be back in place by the end of the year. Please let us know if we can provide any additional information. 

  • is parker trying to become a sanction city

    mtbrtrucker asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. The Parker Police Department provides information about its immigration policy on the Police Department website at www.ParkerPolice.org/ImmigrationPolicy. There is a department statement on that page regarding the policy, as well as a statement from the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks!

  • The growth in Parker seems to be out of control. Does anyone currently on the Town of Parker council care about this? Are there any plans to slow construction / growth down a bit?

    Dmd asked over 1 year ago

    Since its inception, the Town has planned for the type and location of growth in our community. This has been guided through a series of Master Plans over time, the latest of which is the Parker 2035 Master Plan which can be found at here, with a question and answer page here. While the Master Plan guides the type and location of growth, it does not guide the pace of growth, which is reflective of the overall economy of the Denver Metropolitan Area. Where the Town can manage the type and location of growth within Town, we do not have jurisdiction for properties located outside of our Town boundaries.

    All property in the Town has a zone district, which sets the allowed uses for a property, as well as setback and height restrictions. Land owners have a legal right to develop their privately owned land, as long as the development meets the Town’s current zoning requirements. The Planning Commission, Town Council and staff work to ensure that new developments meet the Town’s vision for growth and development, design standards and building code requirements.

    While development certainly is occurring in Town, growth has actually slowed this decade from previous decades in both percentages and actual numbers.


    Population Increase

    Percentage  Population Increase













    We hope this information is helpful. Thank you!
  • When will they be expanding Hilltop Rd passed Legend High School to a four lane road ? The traffic has become substantially worse in the last 18 months ...it is very dangerous during the Winter months.

    om33girl asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question! Hilltop Road is currently four lanes to the Town of Parker boundary. Hilltop Road east of Legend High School is in unincorporated Douglas County and is under their jurisdiction. You can view Douglas County's plans for widening Hilltop Road, as well as a staff contact for the project, here. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

  • A large construction project has been underway for many months in the area bounded by E-470 (north), Jordan Rd (east), Alzere Pl/ Aventerra Pkwy (south), and S Chambers Rd (west). It still has a long way to go. What will the finished product be? Single-family homes? Condos? Apartments? Some combination? Is there a website that has info about this project?

    sander8643 asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question. The area that you referenced is within the jurisdiction of unincorporated Douglas County and not the Town of Parker.  Please contact Douglas County who may be able to assist you with a response.  Thank you!  

  • How do we work to get an Einstein Bagels shop or a Mad Greens in Parker? What new restaurants are coming to Parker? It seems there are a lot of "repeats" i.e. Freddy's Thanks!

    PJ Holiday asked over 1 year ago

    Thanks for your question. The Town’s Economic Development staff maintains close contact with both specific restaurants and their broker representatives to attract local concepts, as well as regional and national restaurants. Einstein’s Bagels and Mad Greens have both recently considered development opportunities in Parker and determined that Parker does not currently fit their profile for new locations. A number of other potential restaurant concepts are currently considering the Parker market and announcements will be made when specifics are available. We hope this information is helpful and thank you again for reaching out.

  • Is the Town if Parker working with the FAA to reduce the air traffic over Parker. It has significantly increased in the last year since FAA implemented NextGen flight paths for DIA and effected Centennial airport flight paths as well.

    Jreed asked over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your question! The Town does have a seat on the Centennial Airport Noise Roundtable and actively monitors and participates in the Roundtable and their activities to try to mitigate airport noise. Ryan McGee is Parker's representative and he would be more than willing to speak to you about this issue. Ryan can be reached at rmcgee@parkeronline.org

    You can also report a Centennial Airport noise complaint here: 


    DIA noise complaints can be reported here:  


    We hope this information is helpful and thanks again for reaching out. 

  • What is the sign for on the east side of Crowfoot Valley Road? is it being developed and if so what will it be?

    mksksdd asked over 1 year ago

    There are a couple of residential projects under review for the east side of Crowfoot Valley Road, one to the north of Richlawn Drive (Meadowlark subdivision) and one to the south of Richlawn (Trails at Crowfoot subdivision). You can find more information on all developments that are either proposed or under construction via our handy online Active Development Tour Map at www.ParkerOnline.org/Development. Thank you!

  • Is there a Circle K being built north of C470 on Jordan

    BobSue asked over 1 year ago

    Yes, there is. A minor development plat was just approved for this project, which will be located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Jordan Road and Parkerhouse Road. Thank you!

  • What is the proposed road work being done at Parker Road and Indian Pipe Lane? There was a large orange sign placed on Indian Pipe a few days ago stating, "Road Work Ahead".

    TLS asked over 1 year ago

    Thanks for your question! This sign is associated with the road construction currently taking place on Pine Drive east of Parker Road. This work, while permitted by the Town, is associated with recent development and is not being performed or funded by the Town. The sign on Indian Pipe Lane is placed for advance warning to anyone traveling east from Indian Pipe Lane onto Pine Drive. 

    To learn more about Town construction projects, you can also visit the Capital Improvement Projects Update page at http://www.parkeronline.org/CIPUpdate or the interactive Street Maintenance Project Map at https://bit.ly/2ztgwn6 .

    Thank you!

  • Are there any other gyms looking to open up in Parker? I've heard rumors that 24hr fitness was interested as well as Vasa Fitness, but that was awhile ago.

    SC_GS asked over 1 year ago

    Thanks for your question. Parker doesn't currently have any gyms in our land use application process. You can view our development map to see what projects are underway at www.ParkerOnline.org/DevelopmentTourMap. Thanks!

  • Can Parker please get a Trader Joe’s?!

    Kmkirch asked almost 2 years ago

    Thanks for your question! Each retail or restaurant company has their own set of criteria they use to select the placement of their locations. The general criteria categories are income levels, educational levels, density of population within a certain distance from the location and the amount of traffic around the location of interest. Typically, Parker meets/exceeds the criteria levels for income and education, but falls short on the density of population and traffic. Trader Joe’s criteria generally places their stores in areas with denser populations and higher traffic counts than what we currently have in Parker.

  • Fact or Fiction: I have heard, on and off, over the past year or two about changing the look on Parker Road from 470 to 20 Mile to fit more with Parker's small town feel. Do we have any plans or updates to share to change this "First Impression" coming into Parker, or was that all rumor?

    Renjen asked about 2 years ago

    Thanks for your question. Currently, the Town is processing the Parker Road Corridor Plan. The goal of this plan is to develop a corridor-specific vision around land use, transportation and urban design. To find out more, please visit the project website at www.parkerroadplan.com/project, where you can sign up for project updates and review project documents. Thank you!

  • What is Parker's current Census? (Population Count)

    James Smith asked about 2 years ago

    Thanks for your question! Parker’s estimated population as of Jan. 1, 2018 is 53,528 residents.

  • Parker has no recycling plants,or do we just not know about any?

    Nancy asked about 2 years ago

    Parker does not currently have a recycling plant. Recycling services are provided by the trash/recycling companies that contract with the individual Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) in Parker. You can find out more about recycling options at www.ParkerOnline.org/Recycling. Thank you.

  • I was told of certain "incidents" that have occurred in and around O'Brien Park in the last few weeks yet neither the Town of Parker nor the Parker PD have openly discussed them. How long will it be before the people that live in this town are made aware that a young man was assaulted in the tunnel near the park not to mention the two teenagers who were found dead in the park from a drug overdose?

    ssindelman asked about 2 years ago

    The following response comes from the Parker Police Department Public Information Officer, Josh Hans: 

    We are unaware of any of these cases. We looked through the last four months of our death investigations and none of them were at the park or involved 12-15 year-olds. In addition, I searched the last four months and did not find any assault that is similar to what you are describing.

    If you would like to see a comprehensive map of crime in our community, you can go to http://communitycrimemap.com/.

  • why does my water have a yellow tint to it? it's new construction so I don't think it's the pipes.

    Charlie13 asked about 2 years ago

    I am sorry that you are experiencing this problem. Parker Water and Sanitation District provides water service to Parker residents.  Please contact them at 303-841-4627 to report your issue.  Thank you. 

  • Are there any updates to the municipal internet we voted on last November? Is there a place I can follow the progress of installation?

    Nick asked 27 days ago

    Thank you for your question. The ballot measure you are referencing approved by the voters in November 2019 allows the Town to provide high-speed internet, telecommunications services and/or cable television services with public or private sector partners without raising taxes. The measure establishes control over future decisions. It was made proactively to address any potential future plans. However, the Town does not have plans ready to implement at this time. At the point that the Town is ready to implement relative programs, we will notify the public. Thanks again for your question. Dannette Robberson, Assistant to the Town Administrator 

  • What is going in at the southwest corner of Chambers and Mainstreet?

    EFitz asked 7 days ago

    Hello, EFitz. That area is located outside the Town of Parker's boundary, in unincorporated Douglas County. After checking Douglas County's online development projects map, it looks like the project you are referring to has been proposed for 135 single-family homes. You can find more details at https://apps.douglas.co.us/dcmaps/map.html?mapInstance=planningProject.

    Andy Anderson
    Communications Coordinator

  • What is being developed on the southside of Mainstreet and Chambers Road? (Across from Sierra Ridge neighborhood). Curious if this is residential development or commercial development. Thank you

    CBur15 asked 4 days ago

    Hello, CBur15. The area at the southwest corner of Mainstreet/Chambers is outside the Town boundary in unincorporated Douglas County. According to the Douglas County development map, it looks like a residential development is planned for that area. You can find out more about that project here: https://apps.douglas.co.us/planning/projects/Default.aspx?PossePresentation=PresubmittalJob&PosseObjectId=64617425 

    Andy Anderson
    Communications Coordinator