How can I find out what uses are planned for a specific piece of property in Parker?

    The Town of Parker is happy to provide information about the zoning of property in Parker, as well as what types of uses could eventually be developed there (i.e. commercial, single-family residential, multi-family residential, etc.).If you have a question about what is being developed (or could potentially be developed) on a specific piece of property, please call our Community Development Department at 303.841.2332, email or visit us in person at Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet and our staff can walk you through the process. This is especially helpful if you are purchasing a home in Parker near undeveloped land, which is likely planned for future development. View the Town’s Zoning Map to see how land in Parker is currently zoned.

    Is all vacant land in Parker designated open space?

    Parker does have a robust open space program. However, not all vacant land is what it seems. There are currently many undeveloped properties in the Town of Parker that are often mistaken for open space.What many people don't realize is that all properties within the Town limits, including these undeveloped areas, are already zoned. Zoning means that a property has been designated for a particular use or uses. Types of zoning include business, commercial, residential and industrial. Land can only be utilized for the purposes allowed under its zoning classification.You can learn about the Town's open space program here.

    How much of the property tax I pay goes to the Town of Parker?

    The Town receives many inquiries about property tax and, in particular, why the Town’s property tax is so high.While a small portion of the property tax paid by Parker residents does come to the Town to support the general fund and operations, the majority is distributed to many different governmental organizations.For instance, on a home with an actual market value of $300,000, the Town receives only $62 in property tax each year, while other entities such as the Douglas County School District, Douglas County Government, the Parker Water and Sanitation District, and the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, among others, also receive a portion of the property tax collected.View a detailed breakdown at

    When will Rueter-Hess Reservoir be open to the public?

    The Rueter-Hess Reservoir is not currently open to the general public. The Parker Water & Sanitation District estimates that it may be several years before the funding is in place for the necessary infrastructure (i.e. roads, trails, restrooms, etc.) and on-site staffing required to accommodate the general public.

    However, a variety of scheduled programming will be taking place at Rueter-Hess Reservoir over the summer. You can find more information about events and activities at

    Where can I learn about development happening in Parker?

    Lots of things are happening in Parker! You can learn more about projects currently in Parker's development process by visiting

    Our Community Development staff is also available to answer questions about development in our community and can be reached at 303.841.2332.

    What elements do the Town Council and Planning Commission look at when considering development projects?

    The purpose of zoning is to regulate the use of land and the physical improvements to land located within the Town of Parker, without imposing undue burden on the land owner as provided by state and federal law. All land within the Town of Parker’s incorporated limits is zoned for specific uses. Land owners have a legal right to develop their privately owned land, as long as the development meets the Town’s current zoning requirements. The Planning Commission, Town Council and staff work to ensure that new developments meet the Town’s vision for growth and development, design standards and building code requirements. The Town Council and Planning Commission do not have the authority to deny a commercial development on a property that is zoned commercial, or a residential development on land that is zoned residential, as long the project meets the Town’s standards and requirements. If a developer is requesting to rezone property, for example changing the zoning of a property to allow for commercial use instead of residential use, the Town Council can vote to deny the request to change the zoning if Town Council determines that the project does not meet the nine criteria set forth in the Municipal Code, including consistency with the Parker 2035 Master Plan. The Town Council can ensure that developers meet the Town’s zoning standards and require that they provide adequate infrastructure and amenities such as parks, trails, open space and landscaping buffers. Parker also works hard to ensure that developments are of a high quality and pay their fair share for improvements that mitigate impacts on the community, for instance, contributing to road enhancements or expansions. You can view the Town’s boundary map to see which developments are occurring in the Town of Parker, as many of the projects under construction are located on our Town borders in Lone Tree and unincorporated Douglas County. You can also view the Town’s Zoning Map to see how land in Parker is currently zoned.

    How is the Town of Parker planning for the future?

    The Town has a strategic plan in place, which serves as a guiding document for the Town, outlining how we can best serve our residents in the future. The Town's current strategic plan can be found here. Other similar long-range planning documents include the Parker 2035 Master PlanParker Road Corridor PlanParker Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and the Transportation Master Plan.

    What is the Town of Parker doing to improve traffic congestion?

    Parker has comprehensive transportation network improvement plans in place. Since road projects can be very expensive, the Town must build them over time as funding allows. You can read more about our current capital improvement plans here.

    I don’t have time to attend Town meetings. How can I find out what’s on the agenda and what happens at the meetings?

    The Town knows our residents are busy, so we offer a wide variety of ways for our community to be informed about what is happening in Parker. Planning Commission and Town Council meeting agendas are available on the Town website at and meetings are live streamed on the Town’s Facebook page, as well as available on the Town’s YouTube channel following the meeting. The Town also puts out a Town Council meeting recap on social media, Nextdoor and the Town website following each meeting.