This is the place for you to ask any questions that you may have regarding this site, regarding community engagement, or regarding any other matter concerning Town services. 


  • What is the roadwork being done on Stroh Road west of Parker Road and how long will it take?

    TLS asked 2 months ago

    Hello, TLS. Thanks for submitting a question here at Let's Talk Parker. The construction that began this spring on Stroh Road is the Town's annual Roadway Reconstruction Project. This project, which will last through the summer, will replace the 30-plus year-old concrete pavement on the westbound lanes of Stroh Road between Parker Road and J Morgan Boulevard. The pavement will be replaced with an asphalt/aggregate base course pavement section. A major traffic switch/detour will occur after Memorial Day that will move both directions of traffic onto the eastbound (southern) side of the street. It is anticipated that the westbound lanes will then be replaced in spring/summer 2020.

  • With all the apartments and housing going up all over Parker, is the city planning to increase grocery stores, Walmart/Target type stores, restaurants etc? Stores and restaurants are so overly busy they cant keep up now let alone when new apartments in Stroh Ranch, apartments on Parker Road, and houses off Crowfoot Valley Rd open.

    Ltaylor1211 asked 6 months ago

    Hello, Ltaylor. Thanks for submitting your question via Let's Talk Parker, and we apologize for having missed it for this long! It is not the role of the Town of Parker to create businesses or choose which private businesses decide to operate in Parker. That role is left up to the private market. However, the Town does have an Economic Development division that helps to support economic growth and the creation of new businesses in our community. In addition to helping retain current businesses in Parker, our Economic Development staff also works to attract new businesses by marketing the many advantages of doing business in our Town. For more information on all of the services that our Economic Development Division offers, visit

  • What is being built at the intersection of Hess and Parker Road? What is being built off Crowfoot Valley Road (east side of Crowfoot) south of Stroh Road (in Parker city limits)?

    Ltaylor1211 asked 6 months ago

    Thanks for submitting this question via Let's Talk Parker, and sorry for not noticing it earlier! You can find out what's being built throughout our Town via our Active Development Map at Just make sure to click the "Active Development Under Construction" tab located just above the map to see what's currently in progress. 

  • Gregory and Sons Construction has placed their proposed buildings for the PACE lot, on Facebook and asked for comments. Their proposal for PACE Lot 2, goes directly against the "My Mainstreet Visual Preference Survey, that had overwhelming support for open space options illustrated in the presentation. Given the overwhelming support for pedestrian-friendly open space downtown, I would expect the Town plan to reflect what the people want, rather less open space.

    Ed_E asked 4 months ago

    Thanks for using Let's Talk Parker to ask this question! The concepts that were recently posted on Facebook have not been approved by the Town of Parker. Gregory and Sons Construction does not have any contracts with the Town of Parker for developing the PACE Lot 2 site or the East Main site. Any future development plans for these sites by any developer will have to be approved through the Town of Parker’s site plan process and meet all the Town’s regulations and the My Mainstreet Strategic Framework.

  • I wanted to say Thank You to the Town of Parker for having trucks come out earlier this week and put down product in our cul-de-sac to help with the snow. Because of the south facing area, during the day the snow was melting and then becoming icy in the evening causing problems. I wanted to reach out and say thanks for making sure we are safe.

    nsternjude1 asked 6 months ago

    Thank you for taking the time to express your gratitude to our snow plow operators!! 

  • The traffic on Mainstreet east of downtown has increased 2-3 fold since we moved into the Parker Vista neighborhood 2 years ago. The speed limit on Mainstreet through this residential neighborhood is 40, which is already too fast, and everyone adds at least 10, meaning most traffic is traveling at at LEAST 50 mph, and many are 55-60+. Several deer (one a fawn) have been killed right outside our house by these reckless speeders (which is extremely sad, as I love having wildlife in the neighborhood) and I feel like it's just a matter of time before a person is hit. There's also the extreme traffic noise to the point where we can't open our windows in the summer anymore because we can't hear anything other than the traffic. The police have not responded to numerous pins on your traffic management map, and with continuing development east of town (Parker seems to have never met a developer they didn't like) this problem will just continue to get worse. How can I go about initiating a discussion about traffic calming, i.e lowering the speed limit, adding stop signs/signals, and/or installing traffic circles along this part of Mainstreet?

    JCBoston69 asked 4 months ago

    Response to speeding inquiry:

    Thank you so for using Let’s Talk Parker to let us know your areas of concern. The interactive traffic education and enforcement map has allowed the Police Department to increase public input by more than 600% over the method previously used. The data collected from Let’s Talk Parker is used in conjunction with speeding and crash data that the Police Department collects to help determine their traffic enforcement strategy. In addition, our police officers frequently check the page looking for hot spots that residents have alerted us to so they can be addressed.

    One of the drawbacks to the current capabilities of Let’s Talk Parker is the inability to respond to the pins people leave. We are working with our vendor on potential improvements, which would allow others to “like” or comment on a pin left by someone else. We have no way of currently knowing how many people see someone else’s post, agree it’s a problem, but don’t do anything since someone else already marked it. To disseminate information about our traffic education and enforcement efforts, the Police Department began to include statistics on the Police Department Facebook page when posting the new month’s map on Let’s Talk Parker. Here is the information included for January and February:

    “In January, our Officers conducted Traffic Enforcement 120 times and made 610 Traffic Stops. Parker Road, Mainstreet, Jordan Road, Hilltop Road, Lincoln Avenue and Canterberry Parkway were the top locations for Traffic Enforcement and stops.”

    “ In February, our Officers wrote more than 150 tickets. The top violations were Careless Driving, Speeding, Failure to Present Proof of Insurance and Failure to Stop at a Red Light.”

    We would like to be able to go into each pin and let the resident know what we have done in response to their complaint. The problem is that if you don’t see us out doing anything, then in your mind, we aren’t doing anything. This is the reason we have asked our vendor to improve the mapping tool so we can show proof of performance. For example, we had an individual complaining about Buffaloberry Drive and Canterberry Parkway, upset because they didn’t think we had done anything about their complaints. The exact opposite was true, however she hadn’t seen any police officers or our speed radar board. In fact, Canterberry Parkway was one of the top three traffic enforcement and traffic stop areas during the time she was voicing her concerns. In addition, we placed a speed board on Buffaloberry and recorded speeds indicated there wasn’t a speeding issue that needed to be addressed there.

    I say all of that to get to your concerns with Mainstreet. Since the first of the year we have conducted traffic enforcement 13 times and made 119 traffic stops on Mainstreet. I will be sure to bring your concern to our traffic team so the stretch east of Town receives more attention.

    I want to thank you again for using Let’s Talk Parker to help us shape our traffic education and enforcement.

    Response to traffic volume concern:

    According to Parker’s traffic engineer, the last traffic count completed in 2015 showed approximately 26,000 vehicles per day between Stonehenge and the Mainstreet/Pine Dr intersection.  2017 numbers were slightly lower at 25,000, but well within expected day to day difference. The traffic engineer will be collecting data again in 2019, but expects volumes in a similar range.

    To have doubled from 25,000 to 50,000 vehicles per day would put volumes on par with the six lane Parker Road between Lincoln and Mainstreet. It is not likely that Mainstreet could physically carry 50,000 vehicles per day in 4 lanes. To have increased three times to 75,000 vehicles would make Mainstreet the highest volume road within the Town limits. We hope that learning more about the recorded traffic volumes may help alleviate your concerns.Please be assured that the Town’s professional engineering staff are constantly monitoring and analyzing traffic volumes and appreciate and welcome input from the community.

  • The traffic on Pine Drive (from Lincoln to Inspiration) has increased exponentially. So many accidents at the intersection of Pine Lane and Pine Drive. Also, the intersection at Ponderosa and Pine Drive is dangerous to navigate. I live in Ponderosa Hills and it is difficult to get in and out. I suspect that the build up of the Rocking Horse subdivision (and all points east) is causing the increase congestion. People use Inspiration as an alternative to paying the toll on E470. Any plans to address this?

    JohnR asked 7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your concern regarding the two intersections along Pine Drive. The intersections referenced are within Unincorporated Douglas County and not within the Town of Parker boundaries. It is our understanding that Douglas County is looking at options for improvements. We recommend that you contact Douglas County for more specific and official information regarding their plans. 

  • I am concerned with the amount of DIA air traffic noise over Parker. It has increased greatly since we moved here 5 years ago. They are considering changing traffic patterns again at DIA and one of the route changes would once again increase the traffic over our airspace even more. Is there a Parker contingent that has a voice for the DIA air traffic planning?

    mojoesports asked 7 months ago

    Thank you for your inquiry about DIA air traffic noise over Parker. The Town is aware of the issue, takes it seriously and works with other communities and airports in the region to mitigate potential noise impacts within the limits of its jurisdiction to do so. As you may know, Parker is partially within the Airport Influence Area of Centennial Airport which is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the U.S.  Parker is also within the flight path(s) of Denver International Airport (DIA) which is the fifth busiest commercial aviation airport in the U.S. As such, the Town and residential areas are subject to existing noise impacts from the overflight of private and commercial aircraft. 

    Since Centennial Airport is closest to the Town of Parker, the Town works closely with Airport staff to address potential noise impacts and is a member of the Centennial Airport Noise Roundtable. The Town is also within the flight path(s) of DIA particularly for arrivals and departures from the south and southwest. The Parker Town Council and staff are aware of the FAA Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) project to reconfigure the national airspace system including at DIA and in the Denver Metroplex. We have been monitoring the FAA’s progress with this effort and are considering the Town’s options for providing input especially with regard to potential noise impacts upon the Town. We welcome your interest and please feel free to provide us with any additional comments or concerns you may have about the federal, FAA-led effort to redesign the airspace in the Denver Metroplex.

  • I have lived in Parker for about 8 years and would like to suggest that Parker should develop a golf course in town limits. All adjacent towns like Lone Tree, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Centennial, Elizabeth and Aurora all have public golf courses for their residents as a recreational outlet. It would be a nice change to see some of those recreational dollars stay in Parker instead of going to outlying areas. We are the only municipality with no public golf course for residents. Are there any plans for that? How can I as a resident ask Parker to consider that? Thank you.

    Phollenb asked 11 months ago

    Thank you for your inquiry about the potential for a public golf course in the Town of Parker.  The Town operates a robust parks and recreation system with programming for a broad range of activities including many requested by our residents.  We do not currently own or operate a public golf course and while a number of residents are committed golfers it is not a service that a substantial portion of our community has requested the Town provide.  For example, the Town’s 2017 Citizen Survey did not identify public golf as a major community need and residents did not request a public golf course during public discussion for the recently adopted 2018 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan.  There are several reasons for this:

    ·  The availability of multiple existing public or publicly accessible private golf courses in the vicinity of Parker.

    ·  The number of committed golfers has been in decline during the past 10+ years and there has been a 7 percent decline in golf courses due to closings between 2006 and 2018 (National Golf Foundation)

    ·  The average golf course requires 150 acres of land and Parker does not own a developable property of this size and does not have funding to acquire or develop a property of this size.

    ·  The typical public golf course operates at a financial loss and the Town does not have the funding to subsidize such a facility given existing recreational facilities and programs.

    ·  The Town of Parker Ballot Issue Question 2A that would have increased funding for parks and recreation facilities and programs was defeated by a vote of the people in 2015 by a 70.5 to 29.4 percent margin.

    I trust this information is helpful and please feel free to contact Parks and Recreation Director Jim Cleveland at 303-805-3265 if you have questions or would like to discuss the matter further.

  • I don't understand why the Holiday Carriage rides have been canceled. We have been trying for the last couple of years to get tickets and have been unable to. The town can spend many thousands of dollars of a unless sidewalk on the east side of Parker road but not spend a few thousand of dollars on something that the residents of Parker love and enjoy with family and friends. I travel Parker road almost daily and have never seen anyone use the new sidewalk on the east side of Parker road. We have a perfectly good sidewalk on the west side of Parker - so why does Parker need a sidewalk on the other side of the road - that is right next to a area of grass in front of a few business? You can't even walk safely across the grass to get to these businesses. Why doesn't the town council take into considerations what the community uses or will use and then make an informed decision? Diane Kramer

    Parker 1998 asked 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for your question, Diane. You can read the Holiday Carriage Ride FAQ, which outlines why the event was canceled, here. Information about the full budget cuts the Town had to make this year can also be found at the links below:

    July Budget Blog
    May Budget Blog
    May Budget Blog Q&A

  • I have lived in Parker almost one year. I see you have a budget deficit which I do not understand. 1) it says on page with revenue about coming from taxes. What specific taxes that I would pay support the town of Parker. I am shocked at how low my taxes are. Most places in this country would raise taxes to cover the minimum services plus the services that the public wants. That includes schools which of course are county. 2) There are many additional expenses Parker is going to need as it grows. Why are additional tax sources not being actively pursued? If they are, need to be publicized. I don't think your public understands the real significance of the low revenue stream 3) Look at the cost of housing. If people can afford them, they can afford to support their town. I really would like to understand the town's thinking on having a deficit and why the administration thinks that is ok. I come from an area of the county that is considered highly taxed (I paid both county and town real estate taxes, personal property taxes etc), but the population as a whole was very happy with the services they received. Leslie Wright

    lwright asked about 1 year ago

    The following response was provided by the Town of Parker Finance Director, Mary Lou Brown: 

    Leslie –

    Thank you for your question regarding the Town of Parker’s budget.  I will respond to your three different, but related questions.  I am going to reference the 2018 Budget document that can be found online at:  I am also going to respond in terms of the Town’s General Fund, which is the Town’s primary operating fund and is used to track the revenues and expenditures associated with the basic Town services.  This includes services such as police, public works, parks and recreation and other support services such as finance and human resources. These services are funded by general purpose tax revenues, which I believe is at the heart of your questions.

    1)  On page 118 of the 2018 Budget document, you can access a historical financial summary of the General Fund. The 2018 adopted budget column shows the budget as adopted by Town Council, which reflects revenues that are greater than the expenditures. The General Fund is not budgeted to operate in a deficit position. Page 121 of this same document provides considerable detail regarding the various revenue sources associated with the General Fund.  The Tax category is by far the largest funding source and, within that category, sales taxes are the primary tax source.  In many municipalities, property tax is a major revenue source, but this is not the case in Parker (or in most communities within Colorado).  You can read more about these two taxes in the Revenue Manual section of the budget document, pages 70-74.

    In general, any increase in the rate of existing tax revenue or any new tax would need to be approved by a vote of Parker’s citizens.  

    2)  The decrease in the sales tax revenue growth rate, which is what is driving the need to reduce the budgeted expenditures, began during 2017 and has continued to decline.  Prior to that, the Town experienced solid revenue growth and there was no need to address increased tax rates and/or new tax sources. Town Council, along with Town Administration, have held several discussions regarding the current sales tax situation. You can read more about this in our recent Budget Blog or our Budget Reduction Q&A.

    3)  Town Council approved an ordinance last year that actually increased the amount of cash reserves the General Fund must maintain.  At the end of each year, the cash balance must be at least equal to 25% of the General Fund’s expenditures.  This helps to ensure the Town has enough cash on hand to pay employees and vendors in the event of a major economic change or disaster. While there may be times that Council approves a level of expenditures in excess of the revenue, the cash balance must at least be maintained at the stated level.

    We appreciate your interest in the Town’s finances and also your concern about the overall health and vitality of the Town.  Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

  • Can the Town decide to change Electricity providers for various neighborhoods? I'd like to use a utility that supports renewables fully.

    DiscDancer asked over 1 year ago

    The Town has a franchise agreement with IREA to provide electricity to all properties within our boundary. This franchise agreement ensures all properties have access to reliable power and also includes other benefits for our residents. IREA generates and purchases a portion of their energy from renewable sources including wind and solar. They also have plans to construct millions of dollars of additional renewable generating sources in the future.  For more information, please contact visit IREA’s website at :

    Andy Anderson
    Communications Coordinator

  • We are in love with Parker and are looking forward to relocating there in May/June of this year. Is there a link on the Town page that would provide helpful tips for moving to the area?

    tginter asked over 1 year ago

    There sure are! Two great online resources for people who want to become more familiar with Parker are our various community brochures (, which include a "New Resident Guide to Parker," as well as our Visitors Guide ( Additionally, you can always call our Customer Service desk here at Town Hall to get any question that you might have answered (303.841.0353). We hope you enjoy living in Parker; we know we do! :-) 

    Andy Anderson, Communications Coordinator