What is the purpose of online community engagement?

    The purpose of online community engagement is to improve the Town Council's decision-making process by taking in a broader range of perspectives from the community. With the convenience, it ensures more voices have a seat at the table. 

    Why did Parker decide to implement this site?

    In the 2017 Parker Citizen Survey, when asked about additional ways the Town could inform and engage Parker residents, 39% of the respondents were very likely to use a way to provide online feedback on specific projects and initiatives, and 51% were somewhat likely. It was the highest rated response to the question.  

    In which situations will Parker engage the community?

    We will engage the community to help identify community needs and aspirations; when the community has expressed an interest or raised a concern; when there is high risk of a matter impacting the community; to inform a decision or action through community input; when required by resolution, law or policy. 

    Does the Town have a formal Community Engagement Policy in place?

    Yes, Parker does have a formal Community Engagement Policy in place. View it here.