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Well-defined and branded - Element of a Vibrant, Vital and Resilient Downtown

What does well- defined and branded mean?

Just like people and products, cities and towns are brands too. A well-defined and branded town generates positive feelings, ideas and attitudes about that town. It’s more than a logo, but a whole package that can include everything from the towns typography and personality to its customer service, history and product quality. Cities and towns around the world are trying to differentiate themselves to attract people and investments by conveying their unique characteristics. Branding should address the tourist who visits once a year and the residents who frequent downtown.

Why is this element important?

Town or city branding is more than marketing your town, it is creating an image of a place people want to go and experience. It strengthens communities by giving them a sense of place, while adding value to the town in terms of beneficial economic growth through supporting businesses and boosting tourism.

What are the current assets?

A strong identity is vital to any downtown and a successful branding campaign will engage and attract people to your town. If you have access to the internet, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, you have access to all the happenings in Parker. Downtown is truly a hub for all kinds of events. Parker has several each year including the Holiday lighting and Christmas parade, Parker Days, Honey Festival, art walks and wine walks, and the Sunday farmers market to name a few. These events draw hundreds of thousands of individuals to downtown each year, making Parker an appealing destination.  The town has also provided wayfinding signs to guide you to and around downtown. You can even see these signs on the Sulphur Gulch Trail. In addition, there is a town-wide retail initiative, the Made in Parker campaign, to build awareness and promote our diverse business community. A key partner in the success of downtown is the Downtown Business Alliance (DBA), which puts the spotlight on downtown Parker by providing residents and visitors with information on everything from things to do and places to eat to parking locations and even a business directory.

Where are opportunities for improvement?

There are opportunities to improve upon in downtown Parker. There are still a number of commercially zoned parcels in downtown that are still undeveloped, which is uncharacteristic of well-defined downtowns. Also missing from the east end of downtown is wayfinding signage that directs and invites people into downtown.

How does developing the My Mainstreet parcels improve current conditions?

The development of the My Mainstreet parcels will improve current conditions by filling in the vacant parcels downtown. Developing these parcels will satisfy the gaps and enable the blending of old and new architecture to create a more uniform appearance in downtown. Currently, there are wayfinding signs located in the west side of town to guide visitors to downtown, however, this feature is missing on the east side of Mainstreet. As the far east end of Mainstreet develops, this type of amenity can be added. In addition, through expansion and growth in downtown, there is an opportunity to create an Arts and Culture district.

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