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Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly - Element of a Vibrant, Vital and Resilient Downtown

What makes a pedestrian/bicycle friendly downtown?

A pedestrian/bicycle friendly downtown is created by encouraging residents and visitors to walk or bicycle by providing certain elements that enable and enhance the experience.  Features such as wide sidewalks, nighttime lighting, parks, bike lanes, highly visible crosswalks, trees and landscaping, sitting areas, and better trail and sidewalk connectivity to Downtown will help Parker accomplish this goal.

Why is this element important?

Essential to the vitality of any downtown and the quality of life they offer is how people move within them. A walkable downtown has a multitude of benefits including health, social, environmental, economic and political.  Planning efforts to reduce vehicular traffic in favor of more active modes of transport has already begun to show positive results on an international level.

What are the current assets in Downtown Parker?

The Town of Parker has incorporated many pedestrian assets into its Downtown. As you travel through the downtown area, you’ll see everything from art sculptures and parks to outdoor cafes and shops; and even wayfinding signs to help you get around. One of the most important assets is the Sulphur Gulch Trail, which is a significant east-west trail that brings pedestrian and bicycle traffic into Downtown and beyond. In addition, virtually all the public roadways in Downtown have sidewalks, further increasing pedestrian safety. The Town has also provided a ½ mile bike lane downtown and bicycle parking.

What are the opportunities for improvement?

Although there are many wonderful attributes to Downtown, pedestrian improvements continue to be a priority for the Town. The Parker Mainstreet Master Plan highlights the top three recommendations for improvements in downtown:

  • Extend existing roadways to promote alternative routes to Mainstreet

  • Introduce bike lanes and routes providing connectivity to and within downtown

  • Introduce additional crosswalk enhancements to increase safety, comfort and visibility at all Mainstreet intersections

Can developing the My Mainstreet parcels improve current conditions?

The implementation and development of the My Mainstreet parcels can play a vital role in the economic growth of Parker. The development of these parcels can fill in gaps and provide needed public infrastructure improvements including providing new connections to downtown, making it a more walkable environment. These improvements attract new businesses, residents and visitors and spur additional private investment in the Town.

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