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Clean and Safe Environment - Element of a Vibrant, Vital and Resilient Downtown

What physically is a clean and safe environment?

A clean and safe downtown is welcoming. The streets and sidewalks are clear of debris, clutter and graffiti. The streetscape is filled with beautiful trees, flower pots, benches, art and nighttime lighting. The streets are lined with businesses, restaurants, gathering places, entertainment and culture. The downtown environment should have low crime and radiate a feeling of safety.

Why is this element important?

One of Parker’s top priorities is making downtown a clean and safe place. The downtown environment should be inviting to everyone who visits; it should add to our hometown character. Business owners, property owners, residents and visitors benefit from a clean and safe downtown because of the positive economic impact, new services and amenities that can be provided as well as health benefits.

What are the current assets?

Parker strives to keep its citizens safe and informed. The crime rate for downtown is very low making it an inviting destination. Programs such as Crime Stoppers and the Citizens Academy help keep residents engaged and informed. In addition, the Parker Police are creating a mobile app to provide subscribers with alerts, tips and even the ability to have a two-way chat. According to, Parker is the 2nd safest town in Colorado with a population of 21,000 or more. Parker works diligently to keep downtown clean. There is an Adopt-a-Street program in place that has an adoption rate of over 50%, which includes all the streets in downtown. Additionally, the Parks and Recreation department has an Adopt-a-Flower-Bed and an Adopt-a-Trail programs with 100% adoption rates.

Where are opportunities for improvement?

The opportunities for improvement reside in activating empty spaces, facilitating development on vacant parcels and improving public spaces. In doing this, we can make downtown more vibrant, vital, and resilient.

How does developing the My Mainstreet parcels improve current conditions?

The development of the My Mainstreet parcels is the catalyst in getting more investment and daily foot traffic into downtown. The investments generated by these sites will provide additional amenities to downtown, both economically, socially, culturally and aesthetically. It will help current and new businesses succeed and will draw in people to work, live and play.

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