What does LDO stand for and mean?

    LDO is the Land Development Ordinance which is Title (chapter) 13 of the Parker Municipal Code. 

    The LDO governs development within the Town and its purpose is to "preserve and promote the public health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the Town and the public generally and to encourage and facilitate the orderly growth and expansion of the Town". 

    What is the LDO Modernization expected to do?

    The LDO Modernization is expected to: 

    ·  Align Town regulations with the community’s vision and goals

    ·  Clarify what is expected of property developers and owners

    ·  Enhance the minimum required development quality in Parker

    ·  Make development approvals more predictable and transparent

    ·  Streamline the Town resources needed to administer the LDO

    What are the first steps to Modernizing the LDO?

    Phase 1 of the project includes an analysis of the current LDO in order to establish a clear path forward for priority amendments. The analysis will identify:

    ·  Aspects of the current regulations that work well and can be kept intact;

    ·  Existing provisions that do not work well or are overly complicated;

    ·  Sections that are inconsistent with adopted plans, policies, or other Town goals;

    ·  Any necessary updates to comply with changes to local, state, and federal laws;

    ·  Opportunities to improve the development approval process; and

    ·  Methods to make it easier to find and understand the applicable regulations

    Moving forward, Phase 2 of the project will be drafting updates to the LDO.

    Who is working on the project?

    The Town of Parker is working with Clarion Associates, a national land use planning firm based in Denver with support from MIG, an urban design and strategic planning firm to enhance the current LDO.