Why can't the Town stop development from happening?

    In 2021, 78% of survey respondents said that population growth in Parker is too fast and 76% said that new housing construction is too fast. The Town understands this community sentiment and we created the video below to help our residents understand how the development process works in Parker and the Town's role in that process.

    You can also learn more about projects currently in Parker's development process

    Why is all of Parker's open space getting developed?

    In the 2021 survey, we heard some concerns about development taking place on open space in Parker. While development is happening on privately owned land, dedicated open space has not been and will not be developed. Parker does have a robust open space program, however, most vacant land in Parker is is privately owned undeveloped land, rather than dedicated open space. What many people don't realize is that all properties within the Town limits, including these undeveloped areas, are already zoned, which means that a property has been designated for a particular use(s). Types of zoning include business, commercial, residential and industrial. Land can only be utilized for the purposes allowed under its zoning classification. View the Town’s zoning map to see the zoning for vacant land in Parker. You can also learn about the Town's open space program, view the Town's Open Space Map and view the Town of Parker's Town boundary map.

    How can I find out what uses are planned for a specific piece of property in Parker?
    The Town of Parker is happy to provide information about the zoning of property in Parker, as well as what types of uses could eventually be developed there (i.e. commercial, single-family residential, multi-family residential, etc.). If you have a question about what is being developed (or could potentially be developed) on a specific piece of property, please call our Community Development Department at 303.841.2332, email staff, or visit us in person at Town Hall, 20120 E. Mainstreet and our staff can walk you through the process. This is especially helpful if you are purchasing a home in Parker near undeveloped land, which is likely planned for future development. View the Town’s Zoning Map to see how land in Parker is currently zoned.

    Check out the video below to learn more about how open space works in the Town of Parker!

    Can the Town stop apartments from being built in Parker?

    All land within the Town of Parker’s incorporated limits is zoned for specific uses. Land owners have a legal right to develop their privately owned land, as long as the development meets the Town’s current zoning requirements. The Planning Commission, Town Council and staff work to ensure that new developments meet the Town’s vision for growth and development, design standards and building code requirements. The Town Council and Planning Commission do not have the authority to deny a development proposal that is within the allowed uses of a site's zoning, as long as the project meets the Town's standards and requirements. 

     If a developer is requesting to rezone property, for example changing the zoning of a property to allow for commercial use instead of residential use, the Town Council can vote to deny the request to change the zoning if Town Council determines that the project does not meet the nine criteria set forth in the Municipal Code, including consistency with the Parker 2035 Master Plan. 

    The Town Council can ensure that developers meet the Town’s zoning standards and require that they provide adequate infrastructure and amenities such as parks, trails, open space and landscaping buffers. Parker also works hard to ensure that developments are of a high quality and pay their fair share for improvements that mitigate impacts on the community, for instance, contributing to road enhancements or expansions. You can view the Town’s boundary map to see if developments are occurring within or outside of the Town of Parker, as many active projects are taking place along Town borders in Lone Tree and unincorporated Douglas County. The Town’s Zoning Map also shows how land in Parker is currently zoned.

    Check out the video below to see why different types of housing are important in a community!

    What is the Town doing to improve traffic congestion?

    Parker has a comprehensive transportation network improvement plans in place. Since road projects can be very expensive, the Town must build them over time as funding allows. You can read more about our current capital improvement plans here.

    Where does the Town get its revenue?

    Where does the Town's revenue come from? Check out the video below to find out more!

    How do I find out which services the Town provides and which are provided by others?

    There are many services provided in the Parker area, however, not all of them are provided by the Town of Parker. In our 2021 survey, we heard some feedback from our residents about the desire to have a Light Rail connection closer to Parker (RTD - just to provide extra clarity), the need for street and pothole repairs on Parker Road (Colorado Department of Transportation) and the need to have more schools and increase teacher salaries (Douglas County School District). Did you know that while these services do impact Parker residents, they aren't provided by the Town of Parker? 

    Check out our video below to see what is and isn't provided by the Town of Parker or visit our website.

    How can I report traffic concerns?

    The Parker Police Department works hard to enhance safety in our community and would like our residents to help us determine areas that could use some additional attention. If you know of specific roads or intersections that would benefit from increased traffic enforcement efforts, please drop a pin our our traffic map! Feedback received from this tool is incorporated into ongoing traffic enforcement efforts.

    What is Parker doing to enhance safety and reduce crime?

    The Parker Police Department provides year-round, 24-hour service to Parker's residents and upholds the highest standards of ethical behavior. The department’s primary objective is to provide a safe community environment in Parker with the highest level of service possible. The organization is committed to safeguarding the community that makes Parker a great place to live, work, and play.

    The Police Department offers a wide variety of community outreach and crime prevention programs, public education and events and other resources to help keep our residents safe.

    Find out more information on how to report a crime.

    Why doesn't the Town of Parker have a tornado warning system?

    Tornado sirens, better known as outdoor warning systems, are designed to alert people who are outdoors of potential tornadoes. We do not have tornado sirens in Douglas County. Since the occurrence of tornados in our county is very low, the cost is prohibitive (approximately $30 million for just the initial installation). In addition, the local terrain impacts the effectiveness of the sirens. Follow the safety steps outlined below to help you be prepared in case of a tornado.

    Tornado Safety Tips

    • When a Tornado Watch is announced, it means conditions are present for a tornado. Keep a radio/ TV tuned for further information and gather emergency supplies.
    • When a Tornado Warning is issued, it means a tornado has been sighted or is imminent. Take shelter immediately.
    • If you are at home: Go to your basement. If you don't have a basement, go to an interior hallway or small room without windows on the lowest floor. Avoid windows. Do not remain in a trailer or mobile home if a tornado is approaching. Take cover elsewhere.
    • If you are at work: Go to an interior hallway on the lowest floor or a designated shelter. Avoid windows.
    • If you are in a car or outside: Seek cover in a nearby building or lie flat in a ditch or ravine.
    • Stay tuned to your radio or TV for weather updates. Several local media outlets allow you to sign up to have severe weather alerts sent to your email, cell phone or pager.
    • Purchasing an emergency weather radio is also recommended.

    You can also sign up for Code Red Alerts to get notified about emergencies within the Town of Parker.