What is My Mainstreet?

    My Mainstreet is a community effort to help encourage the right growth in Downtown Parker, specifically for the four vacant lots scattered through Downtown. My Mainstreet is a community effort to encourage the right growth in Downtown Parker. We will get to work as a community to determine what guidelines should exist for development on these sites.

    How can I be involved in the My Mainstreet project?

    Being engaged in the My Mainstreet project is easy. The best way to be involved is to engage with us through Let's Talk Parker. Check back here often for updated information, polls, and questions. 

    We will also be holding engagement opportunities for the residents of Parker in person and online. As we plan more, we will inform you about these online. 

    If you just can't get enough My Mainstreet, you can also subscribe to our newsletter. We send out information monthly and would love you to subscribe. Get all the information here: https://www.p3parker.com/subscribe

    Will residents be able to be involved in the process?

    Yes, absolutely!  We want to hear from you.  Please tell us what would make Parker thrive. 

    Tell us your big ideas - don't be shy and keep in mind how to:
    • Be responsive to both community interests and market demand
    • Boost the vibrancy of our downtown as both a destination and a community asset 
    • Increase Town tax revenue so we can continue to provide more services to residents 
    • Bring economic vitality for years to come 
    • Create pedestrian friendly, mixed-use environments for businesses, residents, visitors and employee 
    • Expand and strengthen what you already love about downtown

    How will my input be used?

    We will use all feedback to find a consensus between community values and the market reality to establish development guidelines for downtown Parker. 

    What can be built in Downtown Parker?

    The Town of Parker has done a lot of work to evaluate what can be built in Downtown. The general categories are listed in the Mainstreet Master Plan and reflect what could be built in Downtown Parker.

    What is a market analysis?

    A market analysis is specific research that is done to discover what kind of development is possible in downtown Parker based on the economy, expected expansion and demand. 

    A market analysis analyzes market demand for specific community needs. It identifies the changing market dynamics and demographics. Like most of the state, Parker is growing. We need to know how the community is changing and how the new development will meet our current and future needs.
    It creates an inventory and analyze current business types, industries and commercial spaces. This is where we answer the questions “What does Parker already have?” and “What’s working in downtown right now?”

    Finally, a market analysis will conduct a financial analysis. This where we look at what kind of new spaces the community can support based on our unique and evolving economy.

    I want to develop this area as a park/open space, but I’ve heard that this isn’t an option. Explain why.

    P3 and the Town of Parker originally purchased these sites for future commercial development. The future development of these sites will remain a mix of commercial uses that will expand Downtown Parker to the East, ensuring a vibrate and active downtown for years to come.

    In 2016 did the Town decide they would not develop Pine Curve?

    No. In 2016, the Town was working on rezoning the property in preparation for developing the site. At that time Town Council voted to withdraw and postpone the rezoning proposal.  The decision to postpone the rezoning was based on public concern that there was limited involvement from the public during the process. This is one of the reasons for the My Mainstreet project, so we can conduct a robust public engagement process prior to development.